The staking of Cardano is made by Epochs, each Epoch is 5 days, When you delegate your ADA, it will take 4 Epochs or 20 days to receive rewards, these are calculated based on the ADA delegated in Epoch 0, and get paid in rewards, these became available in your wallet, and will be added to your total ADAS.

At the beginning of each epoch, a snapshot is created. A snapshot is basically a record related to the distribution of ADA coins that have been used for staking in the previous epoch. It is the combination of pledges of pool operators and all delegated coins to their pools. Snapshots directly influence the total stakes of pools and their number of chances to become slot leaders and create blocks.

So let’s see when you as a stakeholder can expect a reward.

You don’t need to withdraw your rewards every Epoch, the rewards are automatically re-staked in order to generate more rewards.

You can withdraw your ADA every time you want, remember your ADA are not locked, they’re in your wallet, this is a non-custodial service, Pool Operators don’t have access to delegators ADA.

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